Support Groups - Sharing Sometimes Helps

Getting Past Gambling

Although this forum is not affiliated with GA or any other recovery program, the valuable work that is done in supporting those in need
is valued
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Safe Harbor Gambling Hub

Help for compulsive gamblers. We recognize that there are many different paths to recovery, whether
it be through Gamblers Anonymous
or another path
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Gambling Therapy Forum

If you are a problem gambler or
are being adversely affected by someone else's gambling, this site is
for you. You can visit the forum to
chat with others
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Support Groups - Gambling is a growing
online support groups community.
Our goal is to bring people together around life's challenges by providing
a meeting place
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Gambling Helpline
Discussion Forums

Gambling Helpline service
established this discussion forum
for people who have experienced gambling related harm
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GA Forum - Australia

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship
of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem.
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GamCare Online Forum

GamCare provides support,
information and advice to anyone suffering through a gambling problem. GamCare advisors frequently visit
the Forum
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Gambling Addiction Forum

Includes sections: Gambling Support Board, Treatment Options for Women Gamblers, Online Gambling Blocker, Additional Online Support, Gambling Addiction and much more more here

Gambling Addiction
& Recovery Support Group

Chat with friends and create a
wellness journal. Research the
latest treatments and news. Instant answers to your questions
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Online Gamers
Anonymous Chatroom

We share our experience, strengths
and hope to assist in recovery from
the problems caused by excessive
game playing
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