Articles on Psychology and Gambling

Reform Needed For Online Gambling, Gambling Advertising

"Problem gamblers" health is usually worse than the general population, with smoking and hazardous drinking patterns more likely, and increased incidence of physical illnesses. more

Reform Needed For Online Gambling, Advertising

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists supports better measures to prevent or
reduce the harm caused by problematic gambling.
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Problem Gambling: You Got
To Know When To Fold 'Em

I worry about promoting gambling
in general. Yes, it's legal. But for
many, the closer they live to a
casino, the higher the chances that they'll develop a problem.
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Casinos For Kids Or
Gambling Prep Schools

Look around. Is there a window? A clock? A rectangular wall? Nope. You are in a rounded cocoon without boundaries of any sort that might ground the visitor in reality. more

Victorian Government Bans Earphones With Pokies

"Such technology is clearly designed to immerse gamblers in gaming machine play, potentially reducing their awareness of their surroundings and time they spent playing." more

Apes 'Gamble Like Humans
By Calculating Odds'

Research indicates that the animals are also able to calculate the odds before taking risks. Experts observed apes as they gambled using upturned cups concealing banana. more here

1 in 6 London Managers Spend £500+ A Month On Gambling

Interestingly, women now gamble nearly as often as men. One in five female managers visits a casino once
a month or more, while one in four male managers visits a casino.

The Problem With
Pathological Gaming Studies

Is gaming addiction a real psychological affliction that should
be recognised? According to studies as many as 10% of all gamers could be considered gaming addicts.

Why Anything
Can Be Addictive

The social and health costs of problem gambling are large and have many things in common with more traditional addictions, including moodiness, bankruptcy. more here

HealthE Gambling App
Fights Gaming Addiction

If you're on a binge, the app would send you to your nearest Gambler's Anonymous meeting. It would help
you find treatment. You could also find a chat room.
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