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Factors Affecting Youth Gambling

The study had three foci: to provide
a broad and comprehensive review of the factors associated with at-risk problem gamblers in the younger age group; to carry out an intensive
study of these factors in a university sample; and to extend key elements of those findings to a broad sample. The review suggested that there are
a number of factors that are likely predictors of gambling in a younger population.
Government of Victoria

World Count Of Gaming Machines 2010 - Marketing Research Report

Based on the verifiable data
collected in November 2010, TNS' estimate of the worldwide installed base of gaming machines is 7,249,919 gaming machines. This is a decrease
of 420,066 machines from the 2008 installed base. There have been decreases across a number of countries, notably Belgium, Russia, Finland and Norway. The reported
total is an estimate.
Gaming TA

NCRG To Offer More Than $1.5 Million In Research Grants in 2012 To Study Gambling Disorders

The National Center for Responsible Gaming today announced it has allocated more than $1.5 million for grants in support of research on the prevention and treatment of gambling disorders. This is the largest amount of organization's research dollars allocated for project grants. NCRG

Online Gaming Will Be A
$20 Billion Business in 2012

Driven by North American, European and Asia Pacific markets, online gaming continues its steady growth and the latest study from ABI Research forecasts revenues of slightly more than $20 billion in
2012. Technology developments
will mean new opportunities for connected devices.
ABI Research

Young Gamblers Risk Taking
Habit Into Adult Life

The charity Gamcare estimates that around 60,000 children aged between 12 and 15 are addicted to gambling, the equivalent of one in 50. Among the over-16s, there are an estimated 450,000 people with a gambling addiction, a proportion of less than one in 100. Playground bets could
be responsible.

Tackling Indigenous
Gambling Problems

"Many Aboriginal people are unemployed and used to not having money anyway, so being broke is normal for them and losing money on the pokies doesn't seem so bad. A lot of the time Aboriginal people live in crowded houses under poor conditions so gambling is an escape from problems." Manning River Times

Gambling By Province

4.1% of all high school students are
at risk of developing a gambling problem and 2% are displaying signs
of pathological gambling. High school students that gamble, 11% are at risk and 5% are probable pathological gamblers. 1.3% of adults are at moderate risk for a gambling problems and 0.7% are likely affected by pathological gambling. 3.15% of older adults are moderate risk and problem gamblers.

Gambling Motivated Fraud
In Australia 2008-2010

The study confirms that a gambling addiction does not discriminate. The past three years have seen Accounts Clerks, Bank Staff, Bookkeepers, Customs Officers, Childcare Workers, Hotel Managers, Pensioners, Real Estate Agents, Solicitors, Soldiers
and TAFE Teachers all steal to
gamble. The impact on their lives
and their families' lives has been significant.
Warfield & Associates

Factors Affecting Youth Gambling

The final model indicates that gambling beliefs, the personality dimensions of neuroticism/anxiety, conscientious/perseverance, social/ family factors, and sensation seeking, along with participation in two forms of skill-based gambling, specifically gambling on activities that involve selecting a winner and which involve some skill. Dept. of Justice - Victoria

Porn, Gambling, Inciting
Violence And Vulgar Language

Dozens of government officials and police officers have been disciplined for accessing pornography, online gambling, Facebook and shopping websites at work. More than 200 complaints have been made against the police for comments or photos posted on Facebook alone in
the last four years.
Daily Mail

Self-Help Not Effective
For Problem Gamblers

Australia's first guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of problem gamblers highlight the importance of professional help for the thousands of Australians who struggle to control their gambling. The guide was developed by the Problem Gambling Research and Treatment Centre (PGRTC). Monash University

Australian Guideline For Treatment Of Problem Gambling

The Problem Gambling Research
and Treatment Centre (PGRTC) has developed the first guideline to address problem gambling in Australia. The guideline has been developed in response to the need for problem gambling services, practitioners and policymakers to have evidence based guidance.
Medical Journal of Aust.