Possible Places of Help in Canada


Gamblers Anonymous in Canada - GA meetings - from the city meetings,
through all available suburbs of bigger cities and many country towns
Gam-Anon in Canada - Meetings for husbands, wives, relatives or friends of gamblers. Meetings for Canada are found right after USA on the page
Responsible Gambling Council - The RGC is an independent, non-profit organization committed to problem gambling prevention and research
Public Health Agency of Canada - Are you struggling with addiction? Do you
know someone hooked on gambling? Resources in Canada that can help
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse - While gambling was not originally part
of CCSA's mandate, that changed when demand for information began to grow


Our House Addiction Recovery - Our sole purpose is to provide an
environment where individuals can embark on a recovery process
Alberta Health Services - Detoxification and shelter. Assessment and referral. Individual, family, and group counselling. Day and residential treatment
South Country Treatment Centre - Residential treatment services for
alcohol, drug and gambling problems - including relapse prevention
The Support Network - The Support Network is a safe place to call. We help
you connect with the heart of the community so you can help yourself
Alberta Gambling Helpline - +1-866-332-2322


Family Services of Greater Vancouver - Providing counselling and support
to individuals concerned about their own compulsive gambling problem
A Home Away - British Columbia - Are you suffering from addiction? Do you
or a loved one have a problem with alcohol, other drugs, gambling, smoking
Partnership for Responsible Gambling - This website is one activity being undertaken to provide useful information for problem gambling
Richmond Addiction Services - The mission of Richmond Addiction Services is
to "improve the lives of those affected by addiction". We are non-profit
British Columbia Gambling Helpline - +1-888-795-6111


Addictions Foundation of Manitoba - To enhance the health of Manitobans
by reducing the harm of alcohol, other drugs and gambling with prevention
Behavioural Health Foundation - Provides long term residential programming
for men, women, teens and family experiencing a variety of addiction problems
Community Financial Counselling Services - CFCS sees its role relative to other debt management services to be able address the needs of more vulnerable
Manitoba Gambling Helpline - +1-800-463-1554


Horizon Health Network - Comprehensive addiction and mental health services including a range of acute, inpatient and outpatient and community services
Ridgewood Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre - Ridgewood offers a
broad range of services and programs to compulsive gamblers
Saint John - New Brunswick - Pressure getting to you? Call the INFO line. Information on all service, including problem gambling services
New Brunswick Gambling Helpline - +1-800-461-1234


Health and Community Services - Today Addictions Services in this
province are administered through the 4 Regional Health Authorities
Canadian Mental Health Association - Newfoundland and Labrador
division. Address, phone, fax and e-mail address available
Newfoundland and Labrador Gambling Helpline - +1-888-737-4668


Northwest Territories Health and Social Services - Programs that work
to improve the well-being of NWT children, families and communities
Northwest Territories Helpline - +1-888-255-1010


Capital Health - Addiction Prevention and Treatment Services (APTS) offers
a broad range of supports and services for individuals and family members
Health Promotion and Protection - Helping to improve the lives of Nova
Scotians who are harmfully involved with alcohol, gambling, tobacco, or drugs
Ledgehill Treatment and Recovery Centre - At Ledgehill we treat the whole person. We believe that body, mind and spirit must be treated as one
Nova Scotia Gambling Helpline - +1-888-347-8888


Nunavut Department of Health and Social Services - The Department of
Health and Social Services provides a range of programs and services
Nunavut Gambling Helpline - +1-800-265-3333


Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline - Are you concerned about your own
or someone else's gambling? The OPGH can provide you with information
ProblemGambling.ca - This site contains information about problem gambling
for individuals concerned about their own, or someone else's gambling
St. Joseph's Care Group - The Problem Gambling Programs not only help people with gambling problems, but we also do our best to assist family members
Choices for Change - We provide free counselling services to anyone who has concerns about their drug and/or alcohol use, or problem gambling behaviour
YMCA of Western Ontario - Our Youth Gambling Program is a prevention
program designed to reduce the harm associated with youth gambling
Ontario Gambling Helpline - +1-888-230-3505


Health PEI - A 3 week mobile Gambling Education and Treatment Program
is now available. The program is available on a an inpatient or outpatient bases
Prince Edward Island Gambling Helpline - +1-888-299-8399


Sante et des Services sociaux - Ce repertoire s'adresse e toute personne susceptible de referer des individus aux prises avec un probleme
Youth Gambling International - Providing individual therapy to youth who
are experiencing serious gambling problems by trained psychologists
Gambling: Help and Referral - We encourage Quebecers to think about their gambling habits and refer who need help to the appropriate resources
Quebec Gambling Helpline - +1-800-461-0140


Prince Albert Grand Council - Support, counselling, referral services
available for those experiencing gambling related issues
Saskatchewan Health - Programs and Services - Problem gambling is a
health issue that can be supported through treatment strategies
Saskatchewan Gambling Helpline - +1-800-306-6789


Yukon Health and Social Services - Providing a comprehensive range
of social services - Yukon Helpline - +1-800-661-0408

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