About This Site

To persons who wish to get into recovery from gambling and organisations who are there to help:

Welcome to the site. In the long run we hope that you will find it useful, educational and helpful. Primarily, this
site has been constructed for one purpose only - and that is to provide an internet guide for anyone that is
experiencing problems with gambling anywhere in the world and for anyone that has access to the internet, or for someone that can extract information for anyone that doesn't have the luxury of such resources. The word "guide" means - something similar to a directory - which by way of links will provide a quick and easy way of finding useful material resources already available all over the internet - from many organisations or individuals around the world - which could be close in any area to where anyone lives.

Gambling as a problem is slowly but surely growing just about everywhere around the globe and it is increasingly becoming a worrying factor for those that are addicted to it and know it, and for those that are getting further
into trouble, but are unaware or are in denial of the addiction side of it - and are trying desperately to find a way
out of a predicament. It is not only an individual problem as such. It extends much further, affecting many that are
in close relationship with gamblers - such as families, friends, co-workers etc., and than even further than that - to communities and governments. Much has been done in the way of research of how to deal with this problem and
how to help any individual to get out of that dangereous cycle of addicted gambling, which can affect not only the material side of life, but psychological as well. Many however, won't even know that such help is available until it unfortunately becomes too late, by way of losing or almost having lost everything they have materially, are on the
brink of losing or having lost a relationship, going through depression, resorting to crime or in a worse situation -
even committing suicide. More and more is needed to educate the public about dangers of gambling, so anyone resorting to such an activity can be more aware of what can potentially happen. Similar to wide education
programmes already available for drug, alcohol and nicotine products. And than more awareness needs to be
created to allow more clear access for those seeking help and a way out of a gambling addiction - which is already available and provided in many places.

It is therefore, a soul purpose of this site - to provide a better access to many other sites on the internet, which
offer useful information, contacts and addresses in the fields such as, what is a gambling problem, how to
recognise it, what to do and where to find help, where and how to start the process of healthy recovery, relapse prevention, educational material, life managemenet, where to find support groups, counselling, therapy and
guidance, how to cope with urges and where to divert them, better communication about the problem, what to do about stress and depression and where to find help for families and friends that are affected by someone's
gambling - for anyone to perhaps learn how to understand the addiction itself.

This site will be maintained on a regular basis to keep up with the latest in the area of problem gambling
awareness, news and research and different ways of recovery from it.

Click on the link and send us any further queries: [email protected]