Taking The Steps Towards Recovery

Throughout this site, there are pages full of help, support and advice for
problem and compulsive gambling and recovery from it. To perhaps better understand the impact gambling has/had on individuals that have been caught
up in it, and families and friends that have been affected by it all - so a positive outcome can possibly be found in the process of such recovery. There are also pages filled with inspirations and motivations, news, research and psychology in the field of gambling addiction, and pages to just simply fill in time when
needed - which is all available on the internet, as well as assistance that may be available near where anyone lives. There are many links for finding help within reach that could lead to a possible solution for recovery from this addiction.
Recovery is a determined choice - and it can work.

While every person is different - everyone's gambling problem will be at a different level. Financial situation and/or difficulties will be diverse, stress
levels, family circumstances, self-esteem and confidence levels, degree of shame/guilt, employment situation and determination to stop will be all
different - so each recovery requires an individual approach by the person
wanting to recover from a gambling problem. What is important though, is that gambling does not run a person's life any longer. There are many ways to start recovery and continue with it to eventually find a way to a better life. From Gamblers Anonymous and Gam-Anon meetings to group therapy meetings, one
on one and family counselling, outpatient and inpatient treatment programs, self-help books, internet support groups and research facilities, etc. - there is
a great deal of help available in many places around the world. However, even with all that help which is available, there is no guarantee, unless the individual makes the move and makes it happen. Support can be found even in the most difficult of situations - once those first steps are made and a person reaches
out for it. There is some kind of answer to everything if one looks for it.

Problem Gambling Warning Signs

If there is suspicion of a gambling problem in someone, there are
some signs that WILL usually stand out and may be observed:

***Wanting to gamble more and more, especially after losses. ***Having a need to go gambling at an online casino to escape from stress, feeling depressed or facing problems. ***Finding it hard to stop, even when promising not to gamble again - winning or losing. ***Being restless, edgy or argumentative when trying to cut down on gambling or
give it up altogether.
***Trying to use alternatives, such as alcohol to
escape the feelings of irritability, restlessness or fear.
***Hiding facts from family and friends about the amounts of money lost by gambling.

***Unnecessarily losing patience with family members, friends or work collegues. ***Borrowing money (or
even "temporarily" stealing) to feed
the gambling habit.
***Taking time of work or school to go gambling, to try and catch up with losses or win
***Everything that is usually a leisure or responisibility at home or work, becomes an unwanted chore. ***Putting many relationships into jeopardy or even eventually losing some of them. ***Making excuses for time lost, for being at different
places or not being contactable.
***Thinking that when winning, it will just continue that way. ***Planning
for gambling, lying and deceiving, hiding bills, getting a secret mail box.

stages 1-4

Getting Into Recovery

Making a choice not to gamble, admitting that there is a problem, acquiring a good support base and learning about problem gambling

stages 9-12

Relapse Preventions

Being honest if and when a lapse happens, giving support back to
others, finding new activities and taking focus away from gambling

stages 17-20

Continued Recovery

Continuing with support groups, planning for life without gambling, keeping family united in recovery
and moving along with new life

stages 5-8

Working With Recovery

Opening up to someone close,
working out finances and gaining financial advice, finding pressure
relief and connecting with family

stages 13-16

Life Management

Maintaining honesty, learning to achieve serenity in life, avoiding temptations for gambling and
affirming determination in recovery

family & friends

Help for Families

Methods for family members and friends to find assistance for their
own recovery and learning how to
give support to problem gamblers

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